Mari Pshenichnikova


Maria Pshenichnikova is a Russian designer based in Moscow. She has graduated from Polimoda Fashion School. Maria’s clothing brand is called MARP. The name derives from her first and last name and her education history. She studied at MARHI (Moscow Architectural Institute) (graduated in 2012 ) and at Polimoda (graduated in 2014).

The philosophical beginning in the forming of a costume image is as an important aspect, as its mere utilitarian purpose. Both for the consumer, and for the author creativity is a material and semantic embodiment of the individual world. Dialogical personal approach becomes a kind of a tool to realize the creative idea of humanity self-expression and  revealing human features through clothes.

The fashion designer of the brand Maria Pshenichnikova presents her every collection through video or performance, which most fully  allows to plunge into the theme offered by the author. This is due to the desire to create the atmosphere of specific meditation and self-reflection, and in an emotional way to   weld the viewer and the collection into an integrated whole.

The aesthetics of individual image is formed on the basis of the style of organic architecture, abstract art and models of the 90s of the 20th century. Clothing MARP has architectural cutting, geometrical lines, silhouettes are feminine, but with a touch of masculine style.

Philosophy: Clothes should be a natural continuation of human personality. The form and the function are united.