Mari Pshenichnikova


Mari Pshenichnikova is a young Russian designer based in Moscow. She has graduated from Polimoda Fashion School. Maria’s clothing brand is called MARP. The name derives from her first and last name and her education history. She studied at MARHI (Moscow Architectural Institute) (graduated in 2012 ) and at Polimoda (graduated in 2014).The idea of the brand is simple: clean lines, laconic architectural forms and aesthetics of art. Since the designer has architectural education, she always thinks about the composition of color spots, the lines, and the texture. All that  becomes the inspiration for the whole range of clothes.

The aesthetics of individual image is formed on the basis of the style of organic architecture, abstract art  and models of the 90s of the 20th century. Clothing MARP has architectural cutting, geometrical lines, silhouettes are feminine, but with a touch of masculine style.

Philosophy: Clothes should be a natural continuation of human personality. The form and the function are united.