The basis of the MARP AW16 collection was formed by the creation of an image of relaxedness and self-sufficiency of a moving person which is directly connected with the person’s temperament, emotional spirit and the message of actions.

These qualities are natural in the world of fauna — in the flight of birds, in the movements of animals, in the swimming of fish.

The wildlife esthetics with its functionality has found the reflection in the collection: wide surfaces and folds, intended dimensions, the choice of fabrics, the dynamism of silhouettes, organic practicality.


Inspiration sources:

  1. Works of the French designer Boris Jean Lacroix
  2. Anthroposophic painting
  3. Fashion of the 80th
  4. Organic architecture
  5. Animal color
  6. The cinema image of Barbara Streisand, the image of a broad soul full of internal fight in its craving to the ideals.