Ikebana is seen as part of the culture that reflects philosophy of life through creating compositions from flowers. The line is the leading forming element in the wholeness. The image of the creator and his works are identical. Hence, there is a parallel between the composition line and the human life line. Through video performance there is given an opportunity to remind that we ourselves are the creators of our destiny and are free to enhance it. And we are also part of a whole — our society. The part reflects the whole. Each of us is responsible for this joint living «IKEBANA».

17th century Dutch artists’ flower still lives, modern American florist, Marisa Competello’s floral compositions (Meta Flora),
and Jacques Couelle’s (1902 — 1996) organic architecture, served as an impulse in the choice of the creative idea of the collection — the concept of music playing in the stiff form indicating life and movement. The natural side is taken as a basis — that is the organic of fluid plasticity, the weight of Earth matter, the tranquility of pastel warmth in colour. Everything is subordinate to the laws of mobile curvilinear geometry creation, on the one hand, and tectonic stability, on the other hand. Heavy bottom and symmetry show solemn style, namely, the ability to present oneself in a positive light and, at the same time, win people over in a friendly way remaining self-sufficient. Linear aspects of design, the quality of fabrics are selected to underline naturalness and give a sense of natural sounding. The identification of the outfit image with the natural metamorphosis reflects the thought of vital energy inexhaustibility.