The collection “North Russia” is inspired by the national roots of the designer. This is well expressed in outerwear, colors and prints. Zebra print is very similar to the color of birch. Green, blue are the colors of the northern lights. White is the color of snow. Delicate pink is always present in the north sunset. Folds on the back express versatility of nature,clean lines on the front express calm and confidence for the future.
The concept of the collection arrived from memories and experiences of childhood, as Maria was born in the north of Russia, where winter lasts for 7 monthsr. So,the collection is based on the outerwear. All materials were selected by an association of national costumes but with the needs of contemporary person.High shoes are designed by Maria as well, which creates a complete picture of the collection and shows the main function of clothes- heat preservation and windproof.
Since the designer has architectural education, she always thinks about the composition of spots of color, the lines, the texture.All that becomes the inspiration for the whole range of clothes. In the latest collection, as in the others, the task was to transfer the energy, feelings, function and visual perception of the object of inspiration.