This collection, which consists of fifteen handmade units, is presented under the title «In the red». The designer transferred her personal emotions, experiences and associations connected with the perception of the colors and the language of forms.
Red means the heart, which has its own space and gives the power to the development of the soul.
«Red is the radiance of the living» ( Rudolf Steiner).
The designer has come to such a source of inspiration as :
1.»House of Art in Portugal» (the style is deconstruction, the building is red and asymmetric).
2. The picture by Italian abstract artist Lucio Fontana (the red paiting with slits).
3. The work of French abstract artist Pierre Soulages ( the large patches of black paint and three smears of red color).
In all of these three sources the red color performs its own role: the main in some of them, and secondary in the others. But whatever the role it plays, it reveals the essence of the work. In the collection black and grey colors help red express itself, like the shade helps to create the voluminosity. «Red is light through the darkness» (Rudolph Steiner). The girl «in red» is a pure image that brings people light, hope and vivid feelings.