Inspiration sources for the creation of the MARP SS17 collection concept were designer decisions of such masters as:
1. American decorator Kelly Wearstler.
2. French photographer Rene Maltete.
3. Pablo Picasso. The portrait of Sylvette-David (1954).
4. Relaxed image of red-haired Julia Roberts.
5. Natural textures and colors.

Water color tenderness and graphic rigidity, airiness and ponderability, circularity and angularity, intersection and rounding, ease and cool — and all these together and at the same time. Every thing here is by itself and still together with all the others. The atmosphere of an easy intuition and union is created. How can this idea of «pluralism» be transferred to such relations as «costume — person»? This task became the main motivation for the formation of the collection which would reflect an image of natural compatibility and incompleteness.
The concept of costumes is shown in flared, flying, asymmetric silhouettes of forms, in the geometry of necklines; in the selection of streaming, gleaming fabrics; in the clarity of a graphical print, and the presence of cold color surfaces with the inclusion of bright warm elements.